Corrugated Packaging is one of Kenya’s most reputable manufacturer of corrugated boxes. Although our products are mostly consumed by packaged goods makers, flower exporters, and foods joints, our clientele is spread out across all major industries.

Our true dedication to quality and customer service have made us the successful outfit that we now are. Perhaps that also explains why our customers always come back.

Our Clients

Corrugated Packaging works (on a continuous basis) with dozens of established clients across the nation. Among many others, some of our top client companies include:

  • KENBRAND International Company Ltd
  • Bizone Ltd
  • Dave Roses Ltd
  • Dawa Ltd
  • Ari Africa Ltd
  • African Bee Keepers Ltd
  • Jambo East Africa Ltd
  • Manipal International Printing Press Ltd
  • Nerix Pharma
  • G. Bison
  • Sky Foods Ltd
  • Rainbow Manufacturers LTd

Improve the unboxing experience for your product

Whether you’re a tiles manufacturer, or a flower exporter, leveraging top-quality, branded packaging can help increase brand exposure. Indeed, package branding happens to be one of the most under-utilized marketed opportunities today, especially for merchants and firms in the retail business. Corrugated Packaging can embed your corporate logo and other company literature in your packages, as well as print clear descriptions of contents to make your packaging more meaningful.

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