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Our Team – Corrugated Packaging Ltd

Corrugated Packaging Limited was established back in 2007. Headquartered in Kenya’s Industrial Area, the company has been manufacturing corrugated cardboard cartons for retail packaging, horticultural produce, and all types of packaging applications. The factory started out on a small note but has graduated to a large-scale operation with modern machinery and equipment. We are able to meet the needs of hundreds of our clients, with room for more. Corrugated Packaging produces carton trays, chicken carton boxes, dividers, and top-quality corrugated cardboard based on Kraft paper.

Our Mission

At Corrugated Packaging Kenya, our mission is to leverage creativity and innovative design approaches to provide top-quality and cost-efficient products for our customers. We create an enabling environment for our employees and promote high work ethics and standards.

Our Values

  • Creativity – creativity, and innovation are a mainstay for our packaging business. We foster learning and motivate our employees to find new ways of handling delivery challenges.
  • Integrity – honesty and high ethics make our business professional, and trustworthy. We accept our mistakes (if any) and keep our promises.
  • Trust – we communicate honestly and trust our colleagues and partners, many of whom we’ve worked together for many years.
  • Respect – our business believes in treating everyone, from the lowest-level of employee to the most important partners, with respect and dignity. We provide equal growth opportunities for all our employees.
  • Quality – we’ve cultivated a culture of creating top-quality products, one job at a time.

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